Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome to our Weblog

Welcome to the weblog for Timberlake-Oliver Literary Services, LLC. We're a new literary agency located in West Virginia, and we're excited about finding new talent that we can represent to publishers. With Joan's law degree and interest in literary contract law, and with George's linguistics degree and experience in editing, we're confident we can help writers get their manuscripts ready and get good contracts negotiated.

We'll be blogging about our experiences with writers and the publishing industry, with an eye to helping writers understand more about what we do as agents and what writers can do to move their publishing goals along.

We'll be carrying on conversations between the two of us, which can sometimes get pretty contentious, but don't be fooled—we enjoy our debates. Sometimes they are even funny, and they are always good natured. We don't always agree, and we often have to talk our way through an issue, but we think you might enjoy eavesdropping.

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